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Geography unit 4
Consuming the Rural Landscape – Leisure and Tourism

Leisure: Freedom from time-consuming duties, responsibilities, or activities.
Tourism: Temporary movement of people to destinations outside places where they normally live and work.

Local Recreation: Surfing, hiking, exploring but it all involves your own local area
Non-local Recreation: Going somewhere else to find activities e.g. surfing
Business and recreational travel: Travel for pleasure e.g. city guides, coach drives
Business and Personal travel: conferences, courses, training, interviews
Leisure & non-working time: shopping, visiting museums, toured guides

GROWTH OF LEISURE AND TOURISM: Since WWII: * Paid holidays from businesses →1938 UK holiday with pay act 4 days * Increased availability of free time → technology * Incomes have increased, mainly in MEDCs * Access to media e.g. travelling shows and documentaries about distant lands * Development of transport methods: train, car and aircraft carry more people, are faster and safer * People work less hours and have more holidays * Average worker in the EU 4 weeks paid holiday + public holidays * Average USA worker has only 2 paid weeks

THE PLEASURE PERIPHERY MODEL: * INVENTED BY Turner and Ash → 1975 * The furthest distance tourist will travel is known as the Pleasure Periphery (PP)

Country of origin: UK

1900-1939: increased pay and paid holidays allowed
INCREASING DISTNACE families to take weeks on holidays

1945-1960s: Post WWII foreign destinations started to become popular e.g. travelling to Spain because of...

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