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George Washington's Influence On Society

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Who was George Washington, some same he was one of the best presidents we had in this country? What was his up bringing that made him so an influential man? What started he’s political career what made him choose to run as the first president of the 13 colonies? The final question would be what significant influence did George Washington have on American at the time he was the president. He was the first person to be elected by the people to become the first president. Some have said he is also the first spy or the grandfather of the FBI, CIA and some of the government’s first agency’s to protect us from those who wanted to see this great country fail and get the secrets. Was he part of a secret society known as the Freemasons there are photos of …show more content…
The help came from a frontier guide and local indigenous people. Once Washington reached the French fort, Le Boeuf, with Dinwiddie’s message. This trip tested the Washington’s strength and mental state he hiked for days in snow, almost drowning. After that trip there was a reputation that followed this man across the lands. Washington’s 900-mile journey was published by the Govern Dinwiddie in both Williamsburg and in London this was the point where the reputation for George Washington that reach international borders by the time he was 22. In recognition of his conduct Washington was given the command of Virginia’s entire military force. Washing thought this assignment was hard and frustrating because of all the emotions and the old command wanted to voice their opinion on a young command it was giving him the experience he needed in commanding troops. After 1758 when the British forces took the forks of Ohio. There was peace that returned to the state of Virginia and as that was happing Washington resigned his commission and returned to his family’s estate Mount

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