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George's Defandant of Mice and Men

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Lennie Small was a man of great strength and a childish mind. His companion, George Milton, is a man of great wisdom and average physical features. These two men have traveled and worked together, and shed blood, sweat, and tears together. It is without a doubt that these men have formed an unbreakable bond of friendship between each other. Though Lennie committed a careless act of murder, Curley was not going to stop until he fulfilled his revenge for his wife’s murder. This resulted in George taking the life of his best friend out of love, safety, and friendship. George may have taken his friend’s life, but he did it for the greater good of Lennie. Lennie was George’s only companion, and the only person whom George cared for like family. Like Candy, George would rather be the one killing his friend than having a stranger torture and end his friend’s life because he loves Lennie and wants him to have a peaceful death. George’s decision to kill Lennie prevented him from the possible verdict of a mental institution. Lennie’s dependent personality and mental state would make a mental institution a horrible place to spend the rest of his life. By killing Lennie, George made a tough and thoughtful decision to prevent any more misfortunes to his friend. Also, not only did this decision free Lennie from misery. But also it resulted in George to be a lonely man. In addition, by killing Lennie, George made a decision to save the population from the careless but harmful acts of Lennie Small. George not only thought about the future of his friend but also the future of others who may be hurt my Lennie’s incredible strength. Lennie accidentally killed Curley’s wife because he did not know any better, and he thought he was doing the right thing to prevent him from getting into trouble. George’s decision to kill Lennie prevented any more harm to the poor souls that they would have crossed paths with. Killing Lennie was not something George could have easily done. When he was to pick up the gun, he was shaking. He could not do it, but he knew he had to for the sake of his companion. He loved Lennie, and because of this, he made the best possible decision to save Lennie from the torture of Curley. Lastly, the decision George made to kill Lennie was the last act of friendship George could have gave to Lennie. George knew that Curley’s main mission was to make Lennie suffer and die for the murder of his wife. Wanting to prevent his friend from suffering, he ended Lennie’s life with only one painless shot to the back of his head. George realizes that their bond is on him to be kept strong, and Lennie’s dependence on him is very crucial. However, George knows he would not be able to stop Curley from acting out his revenge so he did his friend the most caring favor of ending his life painlessly. Also, George knew Lennie would die anyways, but George wanted Lennie to die with George right next to him so Lennie would not have to die alone. Having to kill Lennie out of love was not an easy task for George. When the men were clearing in on the location of George and Lennie, and it was time for Lennie to die, George struggled to hold the gun steadily and shoot his friend. George loved Lennie like a family member because he was the only family George will ever have. Realizing Curley’s threats to shoot Lennie multiple times, George understand that killing Lennie was the only option he had for Lennie to die a peaceful and painless death. George had only killed Lennie out of compassion and love he had for his best friend.

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