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Geothermal Energy a Better Alternative Than Coal Power

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Geothermal Energy a Better Alternative than Coal Power

For many years, people have been developing technologies that can improve the quality of life; help save human labor, provide entertainment and make life more comfortable. This technology has led us to depend on different energy-consuming machines like computers, electric motors, televisions, cars, motorcycles etc. because this technology needs energy to function, energy supply is very essential to sustain for the energy-consuming machines that people use. There are renewable and non-renewable sources of energy that are available in the world. Some are fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gases. Geothermal energy and hydrothermal power are also available. In the Philippines, coal power is the most common source of energy. However, this source of power brings about pollution that can cause harm to the environment. With these observations, some sectors and environmental groups propose an alternative source of power which is geothermal energy. This paper aims to compare geothermal energy and coal power in terms of social implications, environmental impacts and feasibility. Furthermore, this paper aims to know geothermal energy and coal power as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Most energy consumers are not aware of a good energy source as long as it can sustain the technology that they use. This study aims to inform the power consumers on which is a better power source. This will also help them understand the social implications, environmental impacts and feasibility of these power sources.

Geothermal energy and coal power are both renewable sources of energy; however, both posses advantages and disadvantages concerning its feasibility and its effect to the environment.

Geothermal Energy

The core of the earth contains an enormous amount of energy that can provide power for...

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