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German Big Buisness

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German Big Buisness The Aryanization of the German businesses was discussed through Pater Hayes’s article “Profits and Persucution: Corporate Involvement in the Holocaust”. Hayes looked into why German businessmen were initially skeptical of Hitler and what factors played into the role of overcoming these suspicions. Hayes also looked into why German the initial attitude of the German business community changed toward the anti-Sematic campaigns. Neil Gregor through his article, “Big Business and Racial Barbarism: Labour at Daimler-Benz 1939-1945”, explored the exploitation of slave labor through the Daimler-Benz corporation. Gregor specifically went into how Daimler-Benz was able to get around the Jewish forced labor clash against the Final Solution. Gregor also looked heavily into Daimler-Benz’s treatment of Jewish workers reflect their acceptance of Nazi Ideology. Aryanization was the forced expulsion of “non-Aryans”, mostly Jews, from business life in Nazi Germany and the areas Nazi Germany controlled. German businessmen were initially skeptical of this plan from Hitler for many reasons. Less than 1 percent of the Jewish businesses were big enough to attract the money of the big firms. A lot of these Germans actually served with the Jews in previous wars with. Some of the business men hanged out with Jews in their personal life. Intermarriage was not uncommon between these groups. Hitler himself avoided talking anti-Semitism when addressing corporate issues. Many of the corporate business men were very liberal. I.G. Farben, a large steel manufacturer and chemicals maker, chairmen even devoted funds to stick up for Jews. Hitler addressed these issues though the Hossbach conference in November 1937. Hitler almost overnight forced corporate Germany to accept Aryanization. War was imminent for lebensraum and preperations had to be made and accelerated. Hitler…...

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