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Germany and South Africa Business Ethics

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Business ethics can be described as different things everyone has their own thoughts on what business ethics are or should be, different parts of the world are also looking at things the same way Germany, South Africa, and the United States of America can be described as three totally different countries with different languages and totally different ways of life, so of course their business ethics are going to be different.
Germany and Southern Africa have very different business ethics, a brief summary of Germany’s business ethics would be that Business Administration is different than business ethics and that business administration does not need business ethics. “Business ethics are not recommending the normal, principles and rules but, rather about anything and discussing them.” Using models of economics in ethics is important for setting the business ethics. Business ethics are considered a framework for the economy, and in order to have a framework there must be rules, but sometimes the rules overlap other rules and therefore making an imperfect framework. Analyze for moral problems is done in business ethics, “It is important for business ethics that different kinds of scientific statements require different criteria of verification.” “Integration of business ethics and business administration is necessary in Germany.” Germany has a record for being known to stick to moral ethics which result in good business ethics. The two German representatives of business administration Dieter Schnieder and Herbert Hax thought that the business ethics are not limited to business reasoning. World War II played a role in influencing the business ethics to be furthered researched and explored and put them in the academics, the war put a damper on a lot of businesses and changed a lot of things so in order to get back on track and better the way things were they viewed the...

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