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Germany Swot

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- Political stability o The Power house in Europe o Very low corruption rate in the world - Rank 14 in 2011 (
- Strong Economic o Leading in export and manufacture industry o Strong financial in Europe
- Have the best transportation and infrastructure system
- High standard of workforce with a qualified expertise, knowledge and skills (mostly in engineering)
- Education institution and industry engineer has a strong relationship (industry engineer usually offer internship to high-school student so that they acknowledge and experience how the business and engineer are doing)
- European Union membership o Easy to export with less restriction o Easy to invest in the other countries with less restriction

- Decline birth rate o The population is too low a level to support a current social welfare economic system (fewer younger worker to pay the health and pension bills for an elders population, state can face an unprecedented fiscal burden) o Labor shortage during the long run
- Too tradition (too many rules, too strict, work oriented, doesn’t like change)
- Labor cost o Labor union is very strict o Labor cost is so high o About 65% the government revenue comes from labor taxes (about 13% higher than the average OECD country) (
- Slow in communication skills (Negotiated), very demanding, and make simple thing so complicated
- Business and industry demand in high skills employees

- Location o In the middle of Europe surrounded by strong economic nations o Rivers are everywhere easy for ships transport freight to a lot of location lead to reduce cost in transportation
- Leader in manufacturing on technological products (…...

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