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Adeleye Ebenezer Tolorunleke
No 7 Araromi street, Upper Gaa-Akanbi Ilorin Kwara State. Mobile No: +2348068773545 E-mail:
Date of birth: 24th august 1984
Nationality: Nigerian
State of Origin: Kogi State
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Christianity
A reliable, capable and enthusiastic Law enforcement professional with 7 years of progressively responsible experience in directing and leading law enforcement goals and objectives, who is able to take on the management and coordinating duties of any leadership role. Possessing extensive experiences of supporting, developing and motivating teams to do better and to drive continuous improvements across a range of work activities. Also having a track record of coming up with practical improvements initiatives which enhance an organization overall effectiveness and harness the latent potential of its workers, currently looking to join suitable organization that reward hard work and offers good opportunities for career development. ACADEMIC BACKGROUND: * National Open University of Nigeria 2011 – 2015 * Leicester University, United Kingdom 2015 * The Open University, United Kingdom 2014 * Hoamej Computer Training School, Lagos State 2008 * Idera Community Secondary School,Idera, Kwara State 2003 * Bishop Smith Primary School, Ilorin, Kwara State 1995

QUALIFICATIONS: * Bachelor of Science ( in Criminology and security studies 2015 * Statement of Participation in Forensic and Criminal Justice 2015 * Statement of Participation in Forensic Psychology | Eyewitness Investigations 2014 * Diploma in Desktop Publishing 2008 * Secondary School Certificate Examination 2003 * Primary School Leaving Certificate 1995
CAREER HISTORY: Nigeria Immigration service
Position: (AII) Assistant inspector (2012-2015)
Department: ECOWAS and African affairs
To foster and compliment ECOWAS effort in its goals on ECOWAS protocols on free movement of persons, residence and establishment of business.
* Registration of Aliens, ECOWAS and African Nationals. * Preventing of Human trafficking. * Processing of application for ECOWAS residence card. * Issuance of ECOWAS travel certificate. * Screening of intending pilgrims both Christian and Muslims. * Surveillance activities on the movement of foreign Nationals * Submission of monthly and incidental report in all the local Government area. * Attendance of security meeting. * Monitoring of our borders and repelling of all attack in borders with use of firearms. * Liaising with other security agents, traditional rulers, so as to have information on any new foreigner that may reside in the country. * Screening of applicants for issuance of passport and ECOWAS travel certificate. * Receiving of Nigeria deportee from other countries with view to locating their homes. * Gathering of information and submitting the same to the state comptroller of immigration service so as to forestall any adverse happening in the state Nigeria Immigration service
Position: (IA1) Immigration Assistant one (2009-2012)
Department: Public Relations Unit
Public relations Unit provide communication services to Nigeria Immigration Service by giving advice to management, planning and implementing communication activities and evaluating their effectiveness.
* Monitor public opinion about the organisation or particular issues; * Advise management on policy issues and,communication strategies; * Plan public relations programmes including preparing cost budgets; * Present arguments on behalf of Nigeria Immigration Service (lobbying) to other organisations and special interest groups; * Liaise with the public and respond to inquiries; * Liaise with the media, i.e. respond to inquiries, arrange interviews with journalists, prepare and distribute news releases and make statements; * Write, edit and arrange production of print materials such as newsletters, house magazines, pamphlets and brochures; * Assist in preparing organisational documents such as annual reports, corporate profiles and submissions; * Write speeches, prepare visual aids and make public presentations; * Oversee production of visual (film or video) and audio electronic material, including managing an internet web site; * Organise special events such as Comptroller's Meeting, visits, exhibitions and functions; * Conduct internal communication courses, workshops and media training; * Evaluate communication activities and recommend future actions.

Nigeria Police Force Divisional Headquarter A” Division ,Ilorin Kwara State 2013
Nigeria bottling company Position: Supervisor (2006 -2007)
Responsible for supervising a team of production and ensuring that production are completed within timeframes.
Developing a safe working environment by adhering to necessary health and safety requirement and legislation.
* Delegating work duties to individual staff members * Deputizing in the absence of management team * Approving time records and request for time off * Identifying and evaluating employee training requirement * Writing reports and submitting to management on production and etc.

Ifesowapo cooperative society Position: Treasurer (2005 – 2006)
Typically act as an information and reference point for the chair and other committee members, clarifying financial implications of proposals, confirming legal requirements, outlying the current financial status and retrieving relevant documents.
KEY SKILLS AND COMPETENCES: * Knowledge and mastery of measures designed to fight against economic and financial crimes. * Security expert. * Proven ability to plan and organize work, review and correct others work, produce reports and documents on technical issues in a concise, clear, objective and professional manner. * Setting goals and objectives for individuals and team. * Always prepared to sustain interpersonal relationships and capacity for sound judgments and decision making. * Able to work in fast paced environment & complete projects to schedule. * Having enthusiasm, ambition, self-awareness and initiatives * Full Knowledge of immigration act and regulations * Thorough knowledge of ECOWAS texts and ability to advise management to comply with them. * Promoting good work practices * Always work collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational goes. * Superb decision making skills * Having a responsible altitude, remaining calm under pressure * Able to build a positive rapport with staff. * Perfect computer literacy. * Ability to demonstrate high level of concentration. * Places team agenda before personal agenda. * Always willing to learn from others. * Assigning tasks to staff and clearly explaining how those duties are to be done. * Excellent knowledge of monitoring and evaluation techniques. * Excellent writing and oral communication skills. * Outstanding ability to negotiate and present facts to member states in a concise and practical manner. * Proven ability to work in multicultural environment with respect for diversity and ensure confidence building among staff. * Carrying out risk assessment * Able to introduce new processes to a team and organization * Calmly responding to accident and emergency situation PROFFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Nigeria Immigration Training School, Ahoada - 2009 Nigeria Mobile Police Training School , Gwoza - 2012
LANGUAGE SPOKEN: English, Yoruba, French and Hausa Language. AREA OF EXPERTISE: * Leadership skills * Sound conceptual and analytical skills * Time management Superb people management skills * Superb communication skill * Forward planning * IT skills * Forward planning * Excellent organizational skills * Advanced forensic investigations * Security skills

HOBBIES: Reading, listening to music, playing golf and meeting people
1. Prof. Nebath Tanglang
Director, learners support services,
National Open University of Nigeria, Lagos 07032122189, 08023835176

2. Dr. Olusesan Odeyemi
Chief Superintendent of Nigeria Immigration Service,
Muritala International Airport, Lagos 08035724805, 08112231713

3. Mr. Alabi Orire
Chief Superintendent of Nigeria Immigration Services,
O/C ECOWAS & African Affairs Department,
Kwara state command 08180912270, 07081682315

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