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Getting Workers to Think About Safety in the Workplace

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Getting Workers to think about Safety in the Workplace
As a Quality, Safety and Environmental Manager, I’m passionate about safety in the workplace. Safety in construction has always been and continues to be the major focal point of construction and infrastructure companies. Aside from the cost associated with injuries and damage to plant or equipment, higher insurance premiums and impact on reputation, there are human elements that are affected. The estimated cost of injuries and incidents in the industry is huge and not just based on monetary impact, but also to the cost of claims, the reputation of various organisations, counselling and other services utilised to help people deal with trauma as a result of incidents and fatalities. Three major factors that make it even more important to create a first class safety culture on our project include; 1. a workforce that is just getting to know each other; 2. Two major motorways where driver behaviour isn’t always easy to control and is running at full capacity; and 3. A lot of high risk activities that could result in injury or worse. Without creating a culture where safety values, mateship and leadership within is a given, there is more likelihood that a major incident or worse, could occur and have a devastating effect on everyone. The research undertook and the advice and learning’s I obtained as a result were without doubt, extremely beneficial.

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Getting workers to think about safety in the workplace

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