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Homework part one and two
Henslin, Jim. Sociology the twelve edition. New Jersey: Pearson Education Inc, 2014 Press Print Jim Henslin the author of “Sociology the twelve editions” was awarded scholarships in high school and moved forward to college. Jim Henslin was an intelligent young teen. Jim Henslin received his master’s degree and doctorates degree. Jim Henslin majored in sociology, Also Jim taught at the University of Missouri after completing his doctorates degree. Later jim became a professor teaching sociology in southern Illinois university. Jim has the experience in the filed he is teaching at. Also shows intelligence in his major because he received a doctorates degree in sociology. Also Jim enjoyed teaching sociology he loved to see the different views and reactions he would receive from students. Jim Henslin had a passion for sociology.
Schmalleger, Frank. Criminology, New Jersey: Pearson Education Inc., 2014 Press print
Frank Schmalleger is a professor at the University of Carolina. Dr. Schmalleger holds degrees from the university of Notre Dame and the Ohio state university. Frank earned a masters and doctorates in sociology. Also has special emphasis in criminology. Frank Schmalleger taught criminology from 1976 to 1994 in the University of California. For 16 years he chaired the university department of criminal justice. Schmalleger helped develop the security administration and loss prevention Frank Schmalleger is the author of many criminal justice books such as” Criminal justice today” “13th edition juvenile delinquency” It shows frank has many 18 years of experience as a teacher teaching criminology. He received his doctorates degree and masters in sociology, as well as sociology as a lot to do with criminology. Frank wrote many books that where published and also used today by students learning about criminal justice. Frank spent many years dedicating himself to teaching and also developing books.
Cummingham, Lawrence. Cultures and values, Boston Massachusetts: Wadsworth, cenage learning, 2010 Press Print
Cumming ham is the John O’Brien is the professor of theology at the university in Florence Italy. He holds degrees in philosophy, theology, literature and humanities’. Cummingham has lived and lectured in Europe for an extended amount of time. He holds a degree in Humanities’ also lectured and lived in Europe for many years. Showing he has experience towards humanities’. He is also a professor at a university in Florence showing that he does have intelligence to be a professor and teach humanities.

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