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Act 1 scene 1, Act 1 scene 3 and Act 3 scene 5 are all important scene showing the different relationships between the two main characters and the other people in the play. The others in the play consist of lady Capulet and Capulet as well as lady Montague and Montague. these would happen to be the biological parents of the two, (Romeo and Juliet) however the emotional connection between the two lovers and their parents wouldn't be considered as family like.

In act 1 scene 1 we are introduced to both of the families, however not introduced to either Romeo or Juliet. In this scene we hear about Romeo from the mother and fathers perspective.
Montague and lady Montague are discussing their son's whereabouts when they come to realise that there is something wrong with him.

'Many a morning hath he there been seen, With tears augmenting the fresh morning’s dew' this quote shows that Montague (Romeo's father) knows that there is something wrong with his son therefore he must pay attention to him to establish this, however considering the fact he doesn't quite know what's exactly is wrong with him, it give the reader the illusion that they must not be that close if he can't tell his own father what is wrong.

Throughout the scene we don't hear much concern from lady Montague about her son. The only time she speaks about him is when she is asking his whereabouts. She doesn't get involved in Benvolio's (Romeo's cousin) and Montague's conversation about what could be bothering him. This may be because she doesn't quite know much about her own son to assume what is wrong. Nevertheless during the Elizabethan times the men in the families had more power than women, thus it may be the reason she doesn't know much about him because the man of the family (Montague) did most of the work in getting to know his son.

Juliet on the other hand is a...

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