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Using a flash drive

Location of USB Ports
Plug the memory stick into a USB port on your computer. In the computer lab, we have USB ports on the back of the keyboard (near the black wire, in the middle), but they do NOT work with USB 2.0 drives. The new monitors in the lab also have two USB ports on the left side of the monitors. USB 2.0 drives WILL work in these ports. Additionally, the new computers have USB ports on the front (right side) between the floppy drive and the power button. Note: directly across from the USB ports (on the left side) are the outlets for headphones and microphones.

Using the Drive
After you insert your flash drive, your computer should display a message at the bottom right corner of the task bar, stating that new hardware has been located. Wait until you see a message that the new hardware is ready for use. Some computers are set up to default to a specific action when new hardware is ready. You may see a message like the one on the right.
If you see this message, simply click on the action you would like to take (normally Open folder to view files).
Use this drive just like you would a floppy or a hard drive – use Windows Explorer or My Computer if the window to the right does not pop up. You can drag and drop files or Right Click and Send To, save, update, etc. The point is that the flash drives will come up as an extra drive on your computer, using whatever drive letter is available on that specific computer. The drive letter may change between computers – that’s OK!

Removing the Drive

Before removing the flash drive, close all windows and
|then click on this icon |[pic] |(lower right corner of Task Bar): |

Click the icon once and wait until you see this message:

Once that message is displayed, it is safe to remove the drive.

Lost Drives
For safety’s sake...

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