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Unit 2 – Business Resources
P1 – Describe the recruitment documentation used in the selected organization.
In this criterion I shall be explaining the recruitment documentation used in a selected organization, the organization I have chosen is: Apple Inc. * Apple is an American corporation that designs and sells consumer, computer software, and personal computers. * The founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak established Apple computer on April 1st 1976. * As of 2011, Apple is currently the largest technology firm in the world with its stock market value reaching $500 billion in March of 2012. Their revenue for the year 2011 was $127.8 billion in sales. * Apple is well known worldwide and has 364 retail stores in thirteen countries.
Job role Apple store manager- As the Apple store manager you would be responsible for overall running of the store, a department or specific area such as the checkout. A manager’s main area of work would involve reaching targets and increasing sales, for example; selling 300 iphones within a month. A store manager will also be involved in dealing with customer service issues such as queries and complaint, plus health and safety and security issues. The Apple store manager would also be involved in staff management, including interviewing and recruiting, supervising department managers and organising training.
The recruitment documentations used to apply for a store manager:
CV – Your CV is the only thing that the employer has in hand that that will give him/her an impression about you. A CV would contain; educational qualifications, additional skills, work experience, job specific skills, interests and personal details.
Personal Statement – A personal statement is a description about yourself and your qualities such as highly motivated and enjoy a challenge etc. A personal statement would include any past experience...

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