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Database Design – Final Exam Study Guide
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Part I Directions: Answer each question.
1. What are the benefits the Oracle 10g Database Environment provides for business?
Oracle's 10g database management system gives businesses the ability to coordinate and share computing, application, data, storage, or network resources across dynamic and geographically dispersed organizations and in turn save time, resources and money.
2. What services and products does Oracle provide?
Information Technology services and products.
3. What is a relational database?
A relational database is a group of data stored in tables that are related by means of a common field.
4. What is the difference between application and system software? Provide an example.
Systems software consists of low-level programs designed to interact with the computer hardware. Application Software is the code that allows end users to interact with computers, like for instance Firefox for browsing the internet, Microsoft Word for writing documents, Application Express for developing applications and also for accessing and manipulating data in an Oracle Database.

How is data extracted from the database?
Data is extracted from the database by the SELECT statement.

6. Name two benefits of a career portfolio?
• To organize the many details of one's experiences
• To help with goal setting
7. What is the difference between a projection, a selection, and join statement?
• Use the projection capability in SQL to choose the columns in a table.
• Use the selection capability in SQL to choose the rows in a table.
• Use the join capability in SQL to choose the columns from more than one table.
8. How are all rows in a table selected? Provide an example.
FROM employees;
9. How are only specific rows in a table selected? Provide an

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