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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Welcome to the continuing story of sociology, a discipline that challenges the way we think about our world. Introduction to Sociology II builds on the foundational knowledge and concepts gained through Sociology 111. Therefore, this course continues our introduction to sociology, and explores the range of topics studied by sociologists. This semester, we will consider deviance as a social structure, recognize social difference through social inequalities based on class, “race,” ethnicity, gender, and sexuality, and analyze social inequalities in various social institutions, including family, religion, education, work, and health and medicine. Through course readings, lecture, and class/small group discussions, we will examine how social forces impact individual lives as well as how individuals shape the social world.
LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of the course, students should be able to: * understand sociology as a social science and recognize the range of topics studied * develop critical and analytical thinking skills to question various assumptions about the social world * describe significant theoretical perspectives and research methodologies within sociology * locate, analyze, and critique relevant academic sociology journal articles * understand and implement skills and knowledge relevant to writing and editing an academic paper

Steckley, John and Guy Kirby Letts. Elements of Sociology: A Critical Canadian Introduction. 3rd ed.
Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2013

Muller, Jake. Writing in the Social Sciences. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2010.

Chapters assigned each class must be read...

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