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Characteristics of innovative intelligence
• Innovation identifies that a primary way to close the innovation gap is to enhance the ability of the leaders to resolve big problems and make their teams more innovative
• Innovation explains how leaders need to have IQ based way of thinking and intelligence. Leaders need to have access to innovative intelligence, emotional intelligence and analytical intelligence to succeed.
• It emphasizes that primary role of leaders in the knowledge economy is to enable their employees to access their innovative intelligence and to achieve business success by applying innovative thinking
• Innovation introduces four steps innovative thinking process with tools and templates as practical guide for leaders and organization
• It explains the culture to support innovating and the organization practices needed tp make innovating easier
• It identifies the culture and organization barriers that may prevent an organization from successfully developing their leaders innovative thinking capabilities and how to overcome these barriers
• Innovation reinforces the executive accountability to build and sustain innovative thinking in the organizations
• It concludes with the call to action in the organizations, governments and school system to contribute to the development of leaders so that they will have access to innovative intelligence and be able to engage in effective innovative thinking with their employees and team,. why CEO/managers need all the three types of intelligences
ANALYTIC INTELLIGENCE: Analytic Intelligence can be defined as the leader's capacity for general problem solving; leaders with this type of intelligence tend to be quick learners, good listeners, and can make accurate assumptions on materials. This type of intelligence can improve effectiveness in a leader for obvious reasons. If a leader has a high IQ, a knack for learning, and good analization skills, he will be quick to create solutions to problems that may arise, and could be a more forward thinking, proactive individual. While this is a great quality to have, analytic intelligence can also hinder effectiveness. For instance, if the intelligence of

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