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Does the spread of English prevent its NSs from learning foreign languages?
Does the spread of English prevent its NSs from learning foreign languages?

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At a time when the number of users of English language increases in all parts of the world to nearly two billion people, while only a number of talking about it as their mother tongue on the about five this total number or less, while more jobs and uses English language by speakers of their native language or foreign language alike, regardless of the nationality of the Spokesman (or writer), started a number of results in emerging clearly. Some of these results to the need not only to knowledge of the facts and in English on pace of changes. Some of them relate to, inter alia, the standards and criteria for English-language education, and the goals and criteria evaluation of success in learning and education. Some people say that because of the worldwide spread of the English language, the native speakers of English do not need to learn any other languages because they can use English everywhere. For this reason, some people say that the native speakers of English lose any other languages they might have learned because they do not practice it. We now will show if the the spread of English prevent its native speakers from learning foreign languages.


The first supporting idea is that English is the language of the modern world. All people around the world know the English language importance in our life, because we need it in our work and sometimes when we meet other people from other cultures, maybe they are not from Britain or America but we almost think they are talking English. And we...

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