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Skills I need to improve!

I need to work on being persistent, that's something that will help out in every aspect of my life as well as my journey through higher education. I plan to practice relaxations more, be more assertive, be out spoken, ask and keep discussion any problem I may have until I'm clear on the subject matter. At times I feel a sense of aloneness that I need to overcome, I feel as though I need to become more interactive with my fellow online peers. Spend more time researching the classroom material as that I may be more verbal in helping my peers as well as myself.

The people that's a part of my support system!

I feel as if I have a strong support system that consist of GOD the man that gave me the strength to be where I am today without him there would not be no me! My mother is the lady that plays a big part in my life that helped me to be the woman that I am. My mother the lady that had me and help me to know what life is can bring to me. My soon to be husband the man that helps me more than anything the man that let me know every day you can do it just stay focus and I got your back no just follow your dream. I my biggest supporters are my wonderful children the ones that tell me every day you are the best and let me know how much.

Synthetic Drugs of Abuse

It seems that primitive man at times wished to escape his reality. He or she probably found some natural herbal drugs to facilitate this desire. In fact abuse of the coca leaf and the opium poppy has been occurring the last 3000 years, and probably longer. The mescaline containing peyote cactus has been abused by the indians for even longer. They thought it was a gift from god because they often realised profound truths when they where inebriate(at least, thats what they thought!).

In the...

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