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Ghost Do Exist

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Rakiiya Hearst
December 3, 2012

Ghost Do Exist

A ghost is generally understood to be the disembodied spirit or soul of a once-living person. I do believe ghost exist. I’ve had many experiences with ghosts and hearing others tell their experiences, just makes me believe even more. I also believe that ghosts are real because of the research me and my sister have been doing since I started believing. There was a time when I was a non-believer and didn’t think ghost existed. My youngest sister is so fascinated with ghosts and pseudoscience. We share rooms, so when she watches TV (SyFy and Paranormal shows/movies) I have no choice but to watch it. That’s how I became a believer. It’s almost as if once you watch it or read about ghosts, you start having thoughts and strange things began happening. I start seeing things out the corner of my eye or even hearing the floor creak when I was home alone and there was no wind blowing (when it’s windy outside sometimes the wood on my house will creak). Most people believe that’s your mind playing tricks on you. But I believe that once you start believing in ghost then they’ll try to reach out to you and get your attention. One time, I was at home with my friend and I left my phone upstairs, on the bathroom sink. I was actually getting ready to flat iron my hair, but I went downstairs with my friend to keep her company while the curlers was heating up. We were sitting on the couch watching Punk’d on MTV. All of a sudden, we heard a loud noise as if something hit the floor, but we didn’t care at the time (we just figured it was something that got blown off my dresser from the ceiling fan), so we continued to watch Punk’d. About ten minutes later, I go upstairs to get my phone and it’s not on the sink. I began to look all over the bathroom floor and ended up finding it behind the bathroom door. No one was upstairs to have done it, and there isn’t a fan in the bathroom, nor did my phone vibrate itself that far because I didn’t even have any new notifications. I was so shocked and scared. I ran downstairs to tell my friend, but of course she didn’t believe me. It almost seems impossible to prove to some people that ghosts do exist, especially close-minded people. But Sean Alfano, from CBS NEWS, did a poll on Americans and their beliefs with ghost: forty-eight percent of Americans do believe in ghosts and forty-five percent of Americans don’t believe in ghost. He states that women are more likely to say they believe in ghosts than men. Also, more than half of younger Americans aged eighteen to forty-five believe in ghosts; Americans over forty-five are less likely. In general, many ghost believers have tried to get the non-believers to believe in ghost by doing things such as: taking pictures; video recordings; and even tape recordings. But I do think that most ghost believers make it hard for non-believers to realize that ghosts do exist. One will never know what to believe because several people can change the real version of something and edit it to make it look more realistic like paranormal TV shows/movies. For example, a TV show called “Paranormal State”, filmed inside Kelli and Riley, a married couple’s house. They were supposed to help the couple get an evil spirit out of the house, but instead they changed the storyline. In some of the scenes the crew members would pretend to be the ghost and create disruptive sounds. Paranormal State was no help to the couple and didn’t get rid of the evil spirit as they were supposed to. That was found on the research I did when I didn’t believe in ghosts. In order for one to believe in ghosts, one has to experience it or be indifferent and do some research. Look for precise evidence and make sure the websites aren’t biased. Several people that I know believe in ghost because they have experienced it. Others disagree because they have never come across a ghost. My little sister and I are the only ones within our household that believes in ghosts. She has had many experiences with them. For example, my grandmother passed away in September 2005. We took some of her items and put them in our house; my sister wanted to keep her musical jewelry box. One night, she was sitting in her room, alone, watching Family Guy on TBS, when out of nowhere my grandmother jewelry box started playing music. In order for the song to play, one has to wind it up, but no one was in the room and my sister was about four feet away from it. She wasn’t afraid or anything. She claimed she knew it was my grandmother, so she just smiled and continued watching Family Guy. There are several facts about ghost. One that I really believe is true is, if there is a ghost around and it is trying to tell someone something, then it will communicate by trying to get his/her attention such as: playing music, leaving little things around that would remind the person of them, but basically just leaving hints and clues. Another one is that children and animals can see ghost. I believe that is accurate because sometimes my dog would be barking at the air for no reason and my Mom’s friend Deborah says that her nine year old daughter swears that she saw her grandmother reading a book on her bed. I really do believe that children can see ghost because little kids are so friendly and they would not be afraid of it. I also believe that animals can see ghosts because it’s not like they could tell humans what’s there. Some believe that if you take a deceased person items with you, then they’ll always be with you and I believe that because the experience that my little sister had. Most of the information I’ve found during my research relates to me, so I really believe that those facts about ghosts were true.
A ghost is said to linger on earth when the person died in a traumatic way, or when his/her burial ritual was disturbed before it was complete, or sometimes just because the spirits feels like it. Disruptive ghosts are called poltergeists. Some ghost believers confuse poltergeists for being demons, evil angels, or evil spirits. Not all ghosts are bad though. Some believers even think that “good ghosts” are spirits sent from God (angels) and the “bad ghosts” are really demonic spirits sent to lead us off the right path or direction. Several priests believe they can remove evil spirits by holy words, rituals, icons or holy water. Many people who believe that they are being haunted will have a crucifix around their house or somewhere with them so they could feel protected by any evil spirits. But I’ve read some articles on when it didn’t work and the evil spirits still existed.
The most common reason people don’t believe in ghost is because they don’t have proof. So many believers try to prove that ghosts are real, that they’ll edit a lot of things just to get people to believe it. But some non-believers don’t want to believe in ghosts because they’re afraid. Or even because they believe that after you die then that’s it, there’s no afterlife. I used to be exactly like that until I started doing my own research. Then after my grandmother died and we brought some of her items home, I can sometimes feel someone staring at me. It can be some of the smallest things that people fail to realize because they are so close-minded and just stuck on what they want to believe.
I have a friend, Ashley, who now believes in ghosts. She was once close-minded and thought me and my sister were insane for thinking ghost existed. But in 2007, she became a believer when she once experienced something that was unexplainable. Her mom is very ill, so she would always have to go to the hospital to get surgery or checkups. One summer afternoon her mom went into the hospital. Around 3:30am, Ashley and her little sister had been hearing soft music. They did not recognize the music, but she said the lights, TV, radio, phones, and even her laptop was not on. A couple months later, Ashley’s mom went back into the hospital. It was late at night and Ashley’s Aunt had been hearing noises in her little daughter’s room. She went in there and noticed one of her daughter’s toy telephone started playing the instrumental of “In the Arms of an Angel” by Sarah McLaughlin, the same song that played at Ashley’s father funeral. Ashley believes that her father is trying to tell her something about her mother because every time her mom goes into the hospital, soft music begins to play or one that was played at his funeral. After she explained to me the story, I was ecstatic because now she understood my experiences and didn’t think I was just making them up. I even started teasing her, calling her insane like she used to do me and my sister. For the people that don’t believe in ghost: just be indifferent, do the research, and maybe you wouldn’t look at the believers like they’re insane.

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