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Dave: ways that our climate in the uk could change is by the average temperatures rising. Hotter summers will come more frequent and less winters. it
Will also affect many aspects of our lives in the UK, our environment, business and public services.

Rajan: Coastal areas might be affected by climate change by sea levels rising causing areas to flood. people without a home will put a secondary problem to the economy because they will need to fix the damage.

Dave: wild life might be affected by habitat displacement, whereby ecosystems that animals have spent millions of years adapting to move quickly. Wildlife depends on healthy habitats. They need: • the right temperatures • fresh water • food sources • places to raise their young

rajan: Warmer water temperatures will cause population declines for trout, salmon and many other species that require cold water to survive. Rising ocean temperatures have already caused massive coral bleaching, leading to the collapse of these ecosystems which sustain huge numbers of fish. NEXT SLIDE

Dave: people might be affected by their homes being destroyed by floods. Business owners buildings can also be affected. People might lose their jobs because the owner will have to repair whatever's been damaged and to get money he would have to get rid of people.

Rajan: the stern review was a man called sir Nicholas stern who told everyone The world has to act now on climate change or face devastating economic consequences. • We should spend 2% of our GDP reducing greenhouse gas pollution now • If we don’t do this, the effects of global warming could reduce our GDP by 20%.

Dave: what is the uk doing to limit the impact of climate change well The Government has come up with a raft of multi-billion-pound projects including new...

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