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Gibbs Brothers

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Gibbs Brothers Two of the notable African-Americans that made a mark in African-American revolution in the 19th century are the Gibbs Brothers – Mifflin Wistar (17 April 1823- 11 July 1915) and Jonathan Clarkson II (28 September 1821 – 14 August 1874). Jonathan, Lynch (2012) and Alexander (2010) stated, had been enthralled by the Presbyterian Assembly when he was young, which became his inspiration while studying in Kimball Union Academy and Dartmouth College. Following his graduation in Dartmouth as one of the three black students to have graduated in the school, he opted to enter into a seminary as a Presbyterian minister; seeing that the South violated Scriptures by practicing slavery. He had also aided the abolitionist cause by writing in The Liberator and The National Anti-Slavery Standard. He had moved to both the Southern states and in Florida (1867) where he moved away from being a missionary and into politics, being elected to the State Constitutional Convention of 1868, being the leader of the Florida Republican Party and the team to represent the blacks in the Convention, fighting for equal rights and freedoms. Like his brother, Mifflin had been exposed to the realities of inequality of both blacks and whites in the country as he was growing up. Gates and Higginbotham (2004) stated that by 1840s, both he and his brother aided the black movements and met with known abolitionist Frederick Douglass. As he travelled with Douglass, Mifflin entered the field of business upon arriving to California. In 1855, he bought the local black antislavery paper known as the “Mirror of the Times”, serving as its editor to support the black movement. His tenure in business had soon found him entering local politics, completing a course in law from a business school in Ohio after seeing the state of local politics. He settled in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1871 and slowly...

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