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“The Gift of the Magi”
“The Gift of the Magi” is a very touching story written by O’Henry. This story is often told during the Christmas season and teaches the true meaning of gift giving. The main characters in the story are Jim and Della. They are a very poor married couple that lives in a ragged flat with only two prized possessions. Della's beautiful, brown, knee-length hair is one of the two great prized possessions of the poor couple. Her hair was gorgeous and she loved it. The other is Jim's gold watch that was passed down from his grandfather and father. Jim also loved his watch.
The story opens with Della counting one dollar and eighty seven cents. It is one day before Christmas and she wants to buy her husband Jim a gift. She cries hysterically because there was not enough money to buy a gift. The story continues as Della walks to the mirror and gains her composure. She looks at her hair, pulls it back, and walks out of the door. Della walks to Madame Sofronie's hair goods shop, and she sells her hair for twenty dollars. She now has twenty-one dollars and eighty seven cents.
After Della sells her hair, she goes to several different stores looking for Jim’s gift. She looks for several hours until she finds the perfect gift. The gift she finds seems to be made perfectly for Jim’s watch. Della finds a platinum fob chain. As soon as she saw the chain she knew it was perfect. The chain seemed to be like Jim with its quietness and value. The new chain would replace the old leather strap Jim had on his gold watch. Della paid twenty-one dollars for the chain. She ran home with eighty seven cents.
When Della made it home she began to curl her very short hair. She thought she looked like a little schoolboy and wondered what Jim’s reaction would be. By 7pm, Della had made the coffee and had the stove ready to cook dinner. It was time for…...