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In a nutshell, generation Y and financial services cannot be separated. It is because generation Y had become the largest customer for the banking industry in the present and the future. This is because Gen Y is the wealthiest generation now. As we know, Gen Y customers grow in tandem with the development of technology, from the era of mobile phones and gadgets, Internet-based communities and social networks. So, this trend makes Gen Y see technology as a key component of complete lifestyle including banking system. This generation tends to communicate with technology because their own character is far different from existing customers they want banks to provide different avenues and strategies to attract them to use the service. Gen Y prefer to financial advice more than the previous generation. Good quality services or technology will make them can get financial advisory services, no matter where they are and increase the merger process that requires decisions and transactions. Mobile phones are becoming increasingly sophisticated, more capable of handling and use of banking services. For banks that provide this solution as it will become a favourite among Gen Y customers Satisfaction is the one factor that influences generation Y to get related with financial services. Once they satisfied, they will immediately trust with organization. Therefore, one of the banks had produce new brand to make them full of satisfaction. Hong Leong Bank produce new brand to attract generation Y with focus on rapidity because they knew that Gen Y like a service that full of speed. Instead of satisfaction, they also choose to select products or services based on desired benefits whether from functional benefit, symbolic benefit and experiential...

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Gilette Case Study

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