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Girls on Boys Sports Teams

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“Oh, man, look guys, they’ve got a girl on their team…” “Ah, man, again? I hate playing against girls. I always feel like I’m going to hurt them.” “Just don’t think about it, dude. Go up against her like she’s just another player.” “Okay boys, watch out for the girl on their team. If she’s playing with the guys team, she’s gotta be good.”
Countless times, my teammates and I would watch a girl walk on to the field for the other team and start warming up. Instantly, stereotypes were made, and probably to many peoples’ surprise, they were in her favor. Any girl playing on a guy’s team has to be highly skilled, so we tried our hardest not to take her lightly. We did our best to keep this mentality in our minds during the game, but the instant there was a close ball and there was going to be some hard contact, the guys on our team, almost every time, would back off the ball in fear of hurting her. While going up against a girl, this restraint is almost always going on in guys’ minds. Guys shouldn’t have to limit how hard they play at any time, but almost all boys, whether they mean to or not, do not go as hard against a girl as they might a boy.
Ever since girls have been playing sports, and even more so since the passing of Title IX, the debate of girls playing on a boys sports team has been a hot one. In my eyes, there isn’t even a real argument to be made. It is frowned upon for boys to play on girls teams, so why let the girls play on boys teams? By the end of high school, boys are, on average, just bigger and stronger than girls. and it pulls many of the great competitors from the girls teams.
If you asked people what they thought if they saw a boy playing on an all girls team, almost everyone would say that it would be unfair, since boys, on average, are bigger, faster, and stronger than the girls, and that he is putting all the…...

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