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Acknowledgement I am very glad to prof. Rita Khatri for giving me such a knowledgeable project.
It was an immense pleasure to work on this project. In this project I acquire knowledge of online advertising .
I am also hoping for such good and knowledgeable projects in future also.
Thank You….

EPC (Export Promotion Council)
The Export Promotion Councils are non-profit organisations registered under the Indian Companies Act or the Societies Registration Act, as the case may be. They are supported by financial assistance from the Government of India.

The main role of the EPCs is to project India's image abroad as a reliable supplier of high quality goods and services. In particular, the EPCs encourage and monitor the observance of international standards and specifications by exporters. The EPCs keep abreast of the trends and opportunities in international markets for goods and services and assist their members in taking advantage of such opportunities in order to expand and diversify exports.


The major functions of the EPCs are as follows: 1. To provide commercially useful information and assistance to their members in developing and increasing their exports 2. To offer professional advice to their members in areas such as technology upgradation, quality and design improvement, standards and specifications, product development and innovation etc. 3. To organise visits of delegations of its members abroad to explore overseas market opportunities. 4. To organise participation in trade fairs, exhibitions and buyer-seller meets in India and abroad. 5. To promote interaction between the exporting community and the Government both at the Central and State levels 6. To build a statistical base and provide data on the exports and imports of…...

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