Requirements Document

1) In the portal associated with the financial analyst role there will be a BAPI based web service that assists the analyst in performing a detailed cost analysis. Ideally the BAPI will be able to pull major cost centers throughout the organization which will give the analyst an estimate of the expenses generated along with their breakdown

2) Also part of the role would be a web service that returns a financial position summary with current assets, liabilities of the organization credit ratings of vendors. All the above information can be looked at by month, by year or by department. This data gives the analyst valuable information of the company’s current standing compared to where it envisions being.

3) Analytical capabilities of SAP’s HANA which processes years’ worth of data in a matter of seconds will also be an integral part of the finance role. Maintaining cash flow is essential to keep the organization functioning on a daily basis. Data analytics can be used to conduct “Variance Analysis” which is a comparison of projected cash flow against actual cash flow. Such a comparison over different periods gives a financial analyst vital insight about cash flow requirements and helps him better anticipate times when greater cash flow is needed, for example purchasing bulk material, handing out bonuses.

4) i-Views containing SAP services will assist the financial analyst to view detailed reports before they are published. Access to these reports helps the analyst ensure that all financial reports comply with government laws.…...

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