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Task One Part A-Mesopotamia
According to Britannica Educational (2011), “The area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in what is now Iraq is the site of ancient Mesopotamia, birthplace of the world’s first civilizations (p. 10).” The one significant factor would be the physical geographic location of Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers which create the fertile area of Mesopotamia. According to Britannica Educational (2011), “As the muddy streams flooded and receded, their silt built a plain rich with soil, ideal for agriculture (p. 10).” In order to develop a civilization and not have to move around like nomads there must be adequate resources. The geographical location of Mesopotamia between the two rivers contributed to the development of the civilization.
Britannica, E. P. (2011). Ancient Civilizations : Mesopotamia. Chicago, IL, USA: Encyclopaedia Britannica. Retrieved from

Task One Part B-Tea
The origin of tea is very interesting. According to Saberi (2011), “There is little accurate historical information about the beginning of tea-drinking in China (p.29).” Saberi (2011) continues, “It is probable that by the first century BC people in Sichuan were infusing tea leaves in hot water (p.29).” Tea became a popular drink globally due to its transmission. Saberi (2011) states, “by the end of the fifth century tea was being exported or traded with Turkish and Mongolian merchants, usually in the form of brick tea (p. 30).” Once tea became more popular it was replicated. Saberi (2011) explains that, “a better-quality tea emerged and it began to be drunk as a refreshing and stimulating beverage by members of the upper class, scholars, and priests (p.30).”
Saberi, H. (2010). Tea : A Global History. London, GBR: Reaktion Books. Retrieved from

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