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In 1932 king Abdulaziz Al Saud could successfully unite the parts of his country in the name of (The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) after many combats lasted 32 years. He stated the rules of his country according to the holly book of God and the sunnah of his messenger.
He assigned his eldest son Saud as his crown prince. After his death, King Saud becomes the king of Saudi Arabia and he is followed by his younger brother king Faisal, then king Khlid who is followed by king Fahad. King Abdullah is the following king and he is the current king of Saudi Arabia
In this essay I will compare and contrast between Saudi Arabia during king Fahad rule and his brother king Abdullah the current king of Saudi Arabia. There are many arguments about who ruled Saudi Arabia better. In my point of view, I believe that Saudi Arabia is better during King Abdullah rule for several reasons. The most apparent reason is that Saudi Arabia is clearly improved and flourished during the period of king Abdullah rule especially in the education field and the urban development as well as the medicine and the health.
Education is one of the biggest things that went through different stages in Saudi Arabia. The apparent change regarding education is the increased number of schools in Saudi Arabia. Both king Fahad and king Abdullah were interested in learning and education. Both of them did his best to spread education among Saudi Arabia. Like many other countries and during king Fahad rule, the number of schools in Saudi Arabia was less than the number of schools during king Abdullah rule. In the past during king Fahad rule there were only about 12000 schools around Saudi Arabia, but now king Abdullah has increased this number to be 35000 schools in Saudi Arabia. He decided to establish at least one public school in every neighborhood.
Higher education in Saudi Arabia is also improved during king...

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