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Ridley Scott
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History 134
The movie gladiator was a film that was originally intended to stay as true to history as possible, but director Ridley Scott was unable to keep that at the conclusion of the movie. The first problem with the historical accuracy of this movie is the political aspect. In this film they state that the Roman Senate was chosen from the people to speak for the people when in fact they were appointed by magistrates and emperors. This leads to the fact that in the film they were trying to state that Rome was founded as a Republic, but it was actually founded as a Monarchy in 753 BC. and later became a republic in 509 BC. The second major area of concern for historical relevance was the military. The director lead the audience to believe that the campaign against Germania was at its end when in fact it was actually part of a larger campaign to take over the whole area and Romanize the region. In the film also it shows Maximus with the identification tattoo on his shoulder which was not the proper placement of this tattoo. The soldiers were required by to law to were this symbol on their hands so it would make it harder for deserters. The attire for the military was also out of place to be true to the era. The Gladiators in this film were also misrepresented by the director. These were athletes for this era and the way they were shown being killed off was not true to what happened. In fact rarely did you see the crowd demand a gladiator get killed unless he was dismal in the event. This movie is based off a Roman general who is betrayed by a new emperor who killed his own father to take the throne. He leaves the Roman empire to go home to his family only to find out that his family has been murdered and his land burned. The general is then found...

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