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Gladwell's Success In The Trouble With Geniuses

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The reason Gladwell wrote “The Trouble with Geniuses," Part 1 and 2, was to share his thoughts on why some people are so successful while others are not as successful, in life. It is possible that Gladwell was inspired by seeing Langan on the TV show “1 vs 100”. This caused Gladwell to question what happened to Langan in his past life for him to be not as successful as others given that Langan was such a genius. In the first chapter of the Outliers Gladwell talked about how having a birthday in January and February was an advantage over someone whose birthday was later in the year. In chapter two of this book Gladwell suggests that there is no innate ability, but instead if you practice a craft for 10,000 hours you can master that craft. In …show more content…
Gladwell takes two very different individuals from very different walks of life whose lives ended up very differently. Langan for example is the eldest of four children and never knew who his real father was and moved around a lot due to his abusive step farther who was not able to hold down a job. His mother was too worried about the abusive dad to worry about Langan. Langan breezed through high school teaching much to himself by just reading and looking at the material before a quiz and acing it. Langan never had to learn to handle challenges in school since the learning came so easy to him and did not have to deal with those challenges. When Langan reached college he again had all A’s until his mother did not complete the forms needed for financial aid and he did not know how to handle it. He chose to not deal with it and just fail. Langan himself believes that he is the smartest person. “I don’t think anyone is smarter then me out there” “I have never met anyone who has better powers of comprehension. Never seen it and don’t think I am going to” (Gladwell 114). He never learned to stand up for himself or how to look beyond his

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