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Global Brand Face-Off

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Global Brand Face Off

The purpose of this memo is to provide strategic insight on how Espoir should go about taking its new branding initiative global. As well as the follow up course of actions that need to be set in place in order for it to be a success.
Background/Situation Analysis
One of the many key issues underlying a successful global launch for Espoir is the mixed reactions to a global campaign. Mazur head of Eastern Europe marketing wasn’t thrilled by the idea at all, while Dubois head of Europe marketing supportive about a global launch surround the upcoming Diana’s she Devils sequel movie seeing as thought rival competitor Revlon used the same strategy in the James Bond film, Die Another Day. Lastly Narayan head of South Asia marketing was willing to give it a shot due to the growth in India that was mentioned with sightings of Espoir products in smaller retail stores. The success of a Global launch is going to heavily factored in by the commitment and willingness of the regional marketing heads if it has a chance to succeed everyone will be required to be on the same page and comply with Natasha and her team. Each region is unique in its own way. Eastern European culture is a lot different than Southern Asian culture as Mazur pointed out what works in India might not work in Eastern Europe, him being the regional marketing head there he would know what works best in said market. Cosmetic Differences will play a big factor in the struggle of a global campaign as well as Narayan mentioned the younger girls will want to be “with it” as far as the latest colors and trends. As well as the idea of the campaign catching on to some areas but not reaching across the entire region, as Narayan pointed out to Natasha she’s lived in the U.S. for over a year yet she is drinking tea instead of coffee overcoming...

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