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Global Business Today

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Global Business Today
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PREFACE xiii PART ONE Chapter One Introduction 4 What Is Globalization? 6 The Globalization of Markets 6 The Globalization of Production 7 The Emergence of Global Institutions 9 Drivers of Globalization 11 Declining Trade and Investmen t Barriers 11 The Role of Technological Change 14 The Changing Demographics of the Global Economy 16 The Changing World Output and World Trade Picture 16 The Changing Foreign Direct Investment Picture 18 The Changing Nature of the Multinational Enterprise 19 The Changing World Order 22 The Global Economy of the Twenty-First Century 23 The Globalization Debate 24 Antiglobalization Protests 24 Globalization, Jobs, and Income 26 Globalization, Labor Policies, and the Environment 28 Globalization and,National Sovereignty 29 Globalization and the World's Poor 30 Managing in the Global Marketplace 31 Key Terms 33 Chapter Summary 33 Critical Thinking and Discussion Questions 34 Research Task 34 Closing Case: Legal Outsourcing 35 Introduction and Overview 2 Globalization 3 PART TWO Chapter Two Country Differences 36 National Differences in Political Economy 37 Opening Case: Ghana: An African Dynamo 37 Introduction 38 Political Systems 39 Collectivism and Individualism 39 Democracy and Totalitarianism 42 Economic Systems 44 Market Economy 44 Command Economy 45 Mixed Economy 45 Legal Systems 46 Different Legal Systems 46 Differences in Contract Law 47 Property Rights and Corruption 48 The Protection of Intellectual Property 51 Product Safety and Product Liability 53 Focus on Managerial Implications 54 Key Terms 55 Chapter Summary 55 Critical Thinking and Discussion Questions 55 Research Task 56 Closing Case:The Polish Surprise 56 Chapter Three Political Economy and Economic Development 59 b

Opening Case: Who Makes the...

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