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Global Challenges Associated with E-Commerce

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Global Challenges Associated with E-Commerce
Pamela Moss
Critical Concepts and Competencies for the IT Professional
Instructor: Sheila Fournier-Bonilla
Kaplan University

Global Challenges Associated with E-Commerce For many businesses today, implementing e-commerce capabilities into a traditional business can seem like an easy task on the surface, but there are many challenges associated with successfully implementing an e-commerce web site into a business that will appeal to global consumers and increase the success and profitability of the business. One model commonly used in e-commerce is the multi-stage model; this model breaks down each stage of the customer’s shopping experience to ensure quality and service that will induce positive feedback from the customer and return visits. Like all traditional businesses, there are challenges at start-up, and e-commerce also has its own challenges. This document will discuss six major challenges businesses face when trying to implement a successful e-commerce web site, the effects these challenges have on an e-commerce business, and what steps may be taken to overcome these challenges. Cultural challenges in e-commerce are one of the most difficult challenges to overcome because the language challenge must be considered simultaneously. A clear assessment of culture is a combination of language and routine executed in a specific location or geographical region. Therefore, cultural challenges for an e-commerce web site include color, images, and religious aspects, all of which can mean different things in different parts of the world (Miller, 2010); language challenges when using words or phrases that may seem common can also be deemed offensive or have meanings that are opposing to the original intent in various parts of the world. For this reason the...

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