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Global Cultural Changes in Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc.

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Global Cultural Changes in Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc.
Kayla Harvey, Monica Johnson, Angela Lambert, Joseph Caston
August 25, 2014
Rebecca Kinney

Global Cultural Changes in Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc.
Expanding in a global environment takes a company that is diverse and understands cultural diversity. As a leader in the cable industry, Worldwide Telecommunications has a diverse global portfolio with an emphasis on social development. The company is headquartered on the east coast and has satellite offices in various cities around the country. In each office, there is a diversity champion who aligns employees with business core values. This helps to keep the business ahead of competitors because global partners and stakeholders from international markets trust our business track record which has a direct, tangible return on their investment. In terms of expansion, branching into the European market will require a seamless integration for advance corporate advisors to setup the framework for follow on employees. Moreover, a robust cultural conscience is absolutely crucial to future endeavors and is driven home by upper management. With a workforce consisting of many different ethnicities, a focus on communication barriers is paramount to a successful business approach. As industry needs change, and expansion being imminent, cultural diversity is more important than ever.
The full definition of cultural change is the modification of a society through innovation, invention, discovery, and contact with other cultures. To forecast possible cultural changes within the business, we have to enact a clear mission statement. Worldwide Telecommunications offers full service voice and data communications with a wealth of practical variables that coincide with the latest technology available. Moving forward, as more companies merge, there will be an…...

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