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Global Leadership

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CPA Program Guide— professional level


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Since its inception in 1986, the CPA Program has undergone many changes to maintain its relevance to the business world and ensure graduates are equipped to be leaders in finance, accounting and business advice. The CPA Program continues to be recognised as a leading professional program and receives strong endorsement by graduates. Over 75 000 members have completed the CPA Program to date. The CPA Program provides graduates with a world class, internationally recognised professional qualification. Employers need good strategists from a wide range of areas, whose skills are complemented by excellent business training. The CPA Program you are undertaking delivers top quality graduates who provide advice of the highest order to the business world. Approximately 23 000 CPA Australia members hold the position of General Manager, Financial Controller, Chief Financial Officer or Chief Executive Officer. CPA Australia strives to continually enhance the CPA Program’s global relevance and provide more ways for people to develop a career built on professional accounting skills. The CPA Program ensures candidates develop the appropriate skills, knowledge and values required of a CPA through a combination of coherent learning experiences. As shown in the following CPA Program diagram, the CPA Program formal education model consists of two levels: ■ The foundation level—core knowledge requirements that can be fulfilled through CPA Australia’s series of eight foundation exams or through an accredited or recognised higher-education degree program. ■ The professional level—six postgraduate level segments plus three years’ mentored experience. The syllabus for the CPA Program focuses on strategy, leadership and international business. Content is globally...

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