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Section 5 – Personal Selling & Global Markets

Section 5 – Personal Selling & Global Markets * Promotion Mix
Donate, pass flyers and fundraise * Advertising – One of the major factors in getting your product and company recognized by the public/ consumer * Personal Selling- “Sometimes you have to sell yourself i.e.(namesake) the best sales people can sell anything/ sell WBC as if you are selling your sell * Sales Promotion –Sometimes you have to throw parties * Charity events sport * Commercials- before and during sports events breaks * Radio promotions- Get radio stations to promote WBC during breaks in between playing music or brief breaks * Direct Marketing-Straight to the point * Deal with your target area then branch out to other areas * Public Relations- Research and deal within the proper guidelines to get your business plan together and promote the right way to generate great business

* Brand Management * Branding Strategies-Make apparel or other things to give away with WBC as the insignia to promote the company brand * Large companies such as Coke and Pepsi have tee shirts and buttons for free if you visit their website * Emotional Branding – make an impression that will never go away in the minds of the consumer * Halftime shows for the Super bowl or even the commercials leave a mental yet emotional impression * Things that are great stay in a person’s mind for a long time * Brand Extension * Global Markets * Opportunities & Challenges * WBC- dealing with a good consumer base because of the nature of the market we are in * Competition with major, already established companies will be a challenge because they are already known such as Nestle, Aquafina, Ice Mountain etc.

Executive Summary *...

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