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Global Mba Marketing Assignment 1

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Marketing MBSW60297

Assignment 1

Program: Global MBA – Hong Kong SAR Group

Student Name: Angela Lau

Student Number: 8726568

Date: 20 August, 2012


For reasons of confidentiality, the name of the company used in this assessment will be referred to as Company X hereafter.

Company X is a multi-national company listed in Hong Kong SAR, China. Its business covers areas such as garments manufacturing, shoe manufacturing, bag manufacturing, fishing apparatus, information technologies, real estate investment and logistics. The sector that we will be exploring here is focusing on manufacturing.


Company X, as a garment manufacturer, sells massive quantities of garments in different styles to its customers, branded garment companies that have their own retail stores allocated across the world, who then resell to the end consumers. Company X has the capability to produce the products but does not have the tools or right channel to sell to the end consumers. In order to sell to the end consumer, Company X would need to promote its products through advertisement, and has the right distribution centres for its products to reach the end consumer, which Company X does not have, or have no intention to achieve this at that point. Hence we can conclude that Company X is taking a business to business market approach.

Baines et al (2011, p.28) pointed out that “in a business to business marketing activity, it revolves around the need to develop strong prospect for a company’s product and service.”. Company X is taking a business to business market approach, and its main objective is to develop sustainable relationships with existing customers by focusing on better pricing and prompt delivery. Company X’s marketing strategy focuses more on customer orientation rather than competitor competition. It...

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