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A Roice Unit 1 Db Global Operations Management MGMT415-02
Heizer & Render, Chapters 1-2
• Why has it become so important for companies to become competitive in the global business environment?
One reason it became important for companies to become more competitive in the global business environment is because of their market and to maximize their profits. While maximizing their profits they have to think globally. Also, for companies to be successful in a global market they have to have excellent global managerial skills. The global managerial skills will help the company understand all other countries cultures and customers. By understanding more of the other countries it will help with creating effective advertisements for the company. (Heizer, Jay & Render, Barry, 2012)
• What advancements in operations management in other countries have affected the way companies in the United States operate?
One company that started off in the United States and was so successful and decided to expand is Disneyland’s theme park. Disneyland has expanded to France, Tokyo and Hong Kong this was done to create a magical place for every one of all ages in those countries as well as ours so families can have fun at their theme parks and resorts without having to travel across the world just to have some family fun. (Disney, 2012)
Before Disney could expand their parks and operations to other countries Disney had to first learn about the countries food, prices, park hours and even cultures. For example, in Anaheim, California Disney Park changed their hours by the peak time so when it’s not peak time they open later and closes earlier so they can save money. Then during the peak time they raise the cost at their hotels and change the park hours. (Disney, 2012)
Hong Kong’s Disneyland has the biggest differences out of them all the Disneyland’s around the world. The structure of…...