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Temporary paper . I am not sure what to write in this paper, but I need to submit one so I can gain access to this website. I hope to find a possible way to come up with 250 words so the link on the website will accept my paper. Hopefully in the future I will not need this website but I thought I would give it a try right now and see what happens. While there are few signs of economic problems translating into political protest, a prolonged downturn threatens to undermine the prestige of President Vladimir Putin, who has presided over an almost unbroken period of rising living standards during his 16 years at the top of Kremlin politics.
Ivanovo exhibits many of the problems and opportunities thrown up as people and businesses adapt to the slump. “Ivanovo is a typical provincial Russian city,” said Mayor Aleksei Khokhlov during an interview at one of the city’s smartest hotels. “The first [economic] shock has passed, and people now understand it’s not a freak occurrence but the new rules of the game."
With a population of just 400,000, Ivanovo is ranked No. 43 by population size in Russia, one of many middle-bracket urban centers experiencing large outflows of young people but which function as the country’s industrial and political backbone, providing almost unwavering support for Putin and his paternalist politics.
The machine-building sector in Ivanovo has been one of the sector's hardest-hit in the current crisis, and factories like Avtokran, founded in the 1950s, have fallen a long way from their Soviet heyday. While director Belov said 2015 was no worse than other market troughs the factory has survived, the truth is that chronic under-investment and the legacy of a command economy means Avtokran only functions thanks to financial handouts from the government.

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