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Global Trends

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As the US economy increasingly depends on service sectors, empowerment becomes even more vital. Knowledge and information demands require the involvement and commitment of all staff members’ not just leaders. Service quality occurs at the point of service contact, where the customer or clients interact with staff. BAIT is one way to align business with IT. Most big IT service sectors company has employed this transforming them, from head providers to complete solution providers.
Various predictions about globalization, knowledgebase-based organizations, the information age and the biotech age are loosening the organizational boundaries. No one knows the future except the fact that it will be more complex, more fast-paced, and more cultured diverse. Organizations and the leaders will have to become perpetual learners. Principles of Collaborative leadership is recognition that no one person has the solutions to the multifaceted problems that a group or organization must address. Leadership in this context requires a set of principles that empower all members to act, and employ a process that allows the collective wisdom to surface(Leading Organizations, Hickman, Page. 249). Mr. Nayar followed Collective leadership practices by holding shared vision and core values in trust and operationalizing them, generating and supporting interdependent and interdisciplinary group process, establishing and sustaining inclusiveness of stakeholders, creating and maintaining a free flow of information, sharing and distributing power and authority among all group members, building a system of peer responsibility and accountability, creating learning communities, seeking feedback and critique to enhance development, sharing ideas through engaging dialogue. In the process of Horizontal design with Team- and Process-based emphasis, Mr. Nayar provided a platform like U&I portal and...

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