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“News from Global Village”
Media guru Marshall McLuhan was certainly accurate about his future projection of electronic technology and the size of the impact it would have in the world. McLuhan was the first person to popularize the concept of a global village and to consider it social effects; little would he have known that ten years after his death the World Wide Web will be invented and his prophecy will be fulfilled and exceed expectations. He provided the foundation of thought about media, technology, and communication. Today technology has provided a way for people to search and reach any sort of information within seconds, people from different continents can see each other via chat room and web cameras, blogs and news are available instantly for anyone that has access to the internet.
According to McLuhan, in the new age humankind will move from individualism to a fragmentation of collective identity, developing a new social organization. The term “global village” can have several meanings behind it, however my understanding McLuhan uses the word “global” to emphasize that this change is taken place throughout the world from the richest country to the third world countries that are getting a share of the new technologies now available to everyone that is willing to learn, and the term village can refer to the specific identity and diversity that this phenomena has created within humankind everywhere all over the world.
Today instead of using the library as reference to the topic of matter, people use the library as a quite place where they can access the online information sources faster and more diligently. What once was a books and oral dominated world now is predominantly consist of electronic media and visual culture. For example, reading a description of a scene or picture on a newspaper has a very different effect on someone than hearing about…...