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Analysis of Globalization with Theoretical Approaches in Sociology
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Analysis of Globalization with Theoretical Approaches in Sociology

Globalization is the process of trade between richer and low labor countries without limitation of boundaries and distance. After the Second World War countries with rich economies and strong social security system open their trade border for globalization, especially in last two decades. A study says, costly labor results in expensive social security. Some organization and firms tend to limit their work in high labor cost countries and divert their activities to those countries where labor cost is less and the social security system is weak. A risk factor of social security in such rich countries increase due to the forces of globalization. Rich countries offer imports from low labor countries and remain competitive by enforcing lower social security standards to the labor. These tricks develops a pressure to scale back the countries having higher social security system. Resultantly, competitive pressures arising from globalization is slowly destroying the social security. However, if the situation prevails, social achievements of industrialized countries could be destroyed and their ability to generate income would become unfavorable (1).

The study of social relationship of human in any aspect of life that is family, friends, religion, education, culture, values and etc. is called sociology. Sociology is an interesting field which analyses about every aspect of human life like matter of routine life, interaction of communities and social causes of gender identity, aging, religious faith, family conflict, poverty, wealth and social activities (Featherstone, 1990). While it also covers population growth, global peace and war…...

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