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* BUS 690
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Trade Joe’s

Trade Joe’s history, mission statement, value…. (Ch.01)
* Q: In what ways does Trader Joe's demonstrate the importance of each responsibility in the management process planning, organizing, leading, and controlling?
A: There are several ways to demonstrate the importance of each responsibility. first, the buyers will travel all over the world to search the great foods and buying direct from the producer to lower the costs. Second, Trader Joe's carry only 1500-2000 products so that the customer are easy to choose. Third, Trader Joe's managers are hired only from within the company. The future leaders should be enroll in training programs such as Trader Joe's university the foster in them the loyalty necessary to run stores. Fourth, when something happen, Trader Joe's will quick to respond and post their action alerts on their web site.
Q: How has Trader Joe’s developed its brand?
A: Trader Joes focused on the in‟-store experience by designing interiors to be similar to a beach scene. It trains its employees to be helpful. The company has strengthened its brand by ensuring its products are high quality and reasonable in price, which increases customer trust. There is no reason to go to an overpriced specialty store, nor is there any reason to get lost in a conventional grocery store with mundane products, when Trader Joes is

Internal resources (Ch. 04) Isabel
* What are Trader Joe’s intangible resources?
1. Brand. It started as a small chain of specialty grocery store, named Pronto Markets since 1958. Then the founder Joe Coulombe changed it into Trader Joe’s. In the store, 80% grocery products are under Trader Joe’s private label. In 1977, Trader Joe’s introduced its canvas bag, which can be used for again and again. Also, it expanded its private label concept, for example, Trader Mings for…...