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Global and Cultural Awareness

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Global and Cultural Awareness
In the majority of the health care systems in the world, extensive processes of international collaboration and migration present the profession of nursing with an escalating challenge in terms of cultural diversity. Ideally, cultural awareness in health care provision entails being sensitive to the different values and perceptions of members of a given community. This is because with the rise in the world population, the percentage relating to minorities has been steadily on the rise and thus the relevance of understanding the aspect of global and cultural awareness. In essence, the adoption of a culturally competent system of health care is important as this ensures that health care professionals remain sensitive to the existent differences between groups, not only in accordance to the outward behavior but also to attitudes relating to emotional events like pain, disability and depression (Christine & Karren, 2013). In this paper I will discuss the scope of global and cultural awareness in relation to the health care system by depicting the various aspects that surround the scope of global and cultural awareness.
Factors of culture affecting an individual’s health status
The various cultural factors that may have an impact on an individual’s health status are literacy levels, ethnicity, traditions, and health disparities. Literacy levels bear a significant influence on an individual’s health status with the issue affecting many people in the world who exhibit low levels of health literacy. Many adults demonstrate only the basic or even in some instances below-basic levels relating to prose literacy (Wawrzyniak et al., 2013). This is a major issue of concern as it undermines their decision making regarding their level of health care (Hamric et al., 2014). Also, the health care system needs to create written material that all...

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