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Globalalization Effects on Education

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Mayra Preciado
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The Global War on Terror

Education around the world has been getting hard to compete with the united states ranks number seventeen in the developed world for education. With the military budget getting bigger and education not seeming to be improving my question is how low on the list does the United States have to be for them to start caring about education.
I think its important to have an international perspective when it comes to education. What happens in other societys effects other society’s. Due to the effects of globalization, educational systems worldwide have gained a newfound importance and are expanding rapidly.

Effects of globalization in education
Nowadays no one can ignore the importance of education to society. Education is a tool that will allow people to achieve every goal they set for their lives. Learning opens doors to a great world of possibilities that will most likely lead to success. People who are not fortune enough to receive a formal education will have to face a road full of difficulties throughout their lives. It is not a secret that the more education people have, the better standard of living they will enjoy. Globalization has brought an innumerable amount of positive and negative changes to the world. One of those aspects that has been affected by those changes is, without any doubt, education. Globalization has more positive than negative effects in education and the way it is delivered in both developed and developing countries. One positive effect that globalization has brought to education is the fast development in educational technology. A massive technological impact can be observed when comparing today’s classrooms and classrooms from some years ago. This impact is transforming the way the students learn and is equipping them with a variety of...

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