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Globalization and Changing in Private Sector in Bangladesh.Doc

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Now-a-days globalization brings challenges for Bangladesh and private sector of Bangladesh. By facing these challenges if private sector of this country could success then the country will receive opportunities of globalization. I would like to thank my course teacher Dr. Salehuddin Ahmed (Economic Condition Analysis) for giving us this opportunity for assigning us with this paper. It helps me a lot to know about the challenges and opportunities that Bangladesh and private sector of this country faced and received from globalization while I am making this portfolio. This portfolio helps me a lot to know each and every area where globalization brings opportunities for our private sector and those areas that facing challenges. And this paper will also demonstrate that the main driver of progress has been Bangladesh private sector.

Then we like to thank those people who really helped us by providing valuable information during prepare the paper.

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This paper examines the role of private sector in Bangladesh in the context of Globalization since the change of the first government of the independent of Bangladesh. Actually Bangladesh has undertaken a wide range of reforms to open the economy in the areas of trade, finance and investment. The globalization efforts in these areas have produced some positive results. But in the overall assessment Bangladesh seems to have opened her too fast and too much; so import is growing much faster than export. In the financial sector, foreign and local private banks and non-bank financial institutions are doing business profitably but playing little role in the financing development projects. The NCBs are also losing their market share in terms of deposits taking. FDI has so far not...

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