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Globalization And Mexican Immigration Research Paper

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Globalization has an important advantage of this world. The globalization has increased the incorporation of nations in different aspects which including economic, cultural, and political. This advantage of globalization has been clearer by the last 20 years. It has had effects on all countries. The United States is one of the countries, which has felt strongly the impacts of globalization. There is one side of globalization that the United States has experienced more that another, which is the rise of immigrants. Globalization has increased immigration by strengthening the free movement of people of different nations. The migration has involved most people from developing countries moving to Western and industry societies. The United States …show more content…
Immigrants are always expected to adopt the culture and traditions in the host country. This creates social cohesion while the immigrants who adopt the host nation's culture because they are a minority and clear. However, globalization leads to an increase in the number of immigrants from Mexico. Because of high numbers, the Mexicans in the US have been able to form small uniform communities. Light and Johnston observe that Mexican immigrants to the US tend to be "concentrated in a few states and metropolitan areas" (5). The immigrants are able to shape communities who are made up of people that share cultural experiences and traditions of their home country. Instead of adopting the cultural and traditions of the US, the Mexicans immigrants are able to preserve aspects of their home culture including language. While other migrants are forced to adopt the language and cultural practices because of majority group in the US, the Mexicans have been able to maintain their home language and traditional cultural practices (Perreira 262). The refusal to incorporate in the host country's culture has caused some important problems in the United States. The Mexicans immigrants stand out as immigrant’s community and this increased the levels of racial stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination. The government of the US has forced to make accommodations to Spanish speaking Mexicans who have …show more content…
Most Mexican immigrants work in the informal labor-intensive sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and service industries. They provide services in jobs that require no professional skills such as housekeeping, landscaping, construction, and agriculture. Paoletti reveals that the in one Pennsylvanian company that dealt with mushrooms, "80 percent of the workforce were of Mexican national origin" (111). Most of these employees were uneducated, uneducated and unskilled. As such, they could only work in the informal sector. The lack professional skills mean that the immigrants provide cheaper labor than the educated members of society. Paoletti confirms that the immigrants are preferred by some employers since they take lower wages (135). At that point, because non-Mexican employment competing for the same works, that lead to have less opportunities or lose the chance to have a job. The existing of Mexican workers in labor market and have negative effect on finding jobs for an American

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