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Globalization, Mass Media and Culture


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Cultural Theory and Popular Culture
Globalization, Mass Media and Culture

Table of Contents

Globalization, Mass Media and Culture 1 Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Modern culture, ideology 4 Globalization 5 Americanization 6 Mass Media and their Impact 7 Globalization, mass media and culture 8 Mass media and globalization 9 Globalization and culture 10 Conclusion 12 My opinion 13 Recommendations 14 List of references 15


A term globalization was used in 1983 for the first time in a history. Globalization as we know it today started at the beginning of the 20th century. It has an impact on everything and it has changed everything from its core. Economic environment, political environment and regarding to this subject – cultural environment. As everything, it brought both advantages and disadvantages. Looking back in time when this globalization started intensifies rapidly. It evokes a basic question: why did the globalization intensify rapidly? We can consider many reasons, for example lower travel cost, free movement of people, development of technologies, faster data exchange etc. These answers lead me to another possible answer - mass media.

Globalization, Americanization or westernization are closely related to the popular culture. As stated in the book ‘There are two things we can say with some confidence about the United States and popular culture. First, as Andrew Ross (1989) has pointed out, ‘popular culture has been socially and institutionally central in America for longer and in a more significant way than in Europe’ (7). Second, although the availability of American culture worldwide is undoubted, how what is available is consumed is at the very least contradictory (see Chapter 9). What is true is that in the 1950s (one of the key periods of Americanization), for many young people in Britain,

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