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Globally vs Locally

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Unit Six: Globally vs Locally
Lorri Wyndham Marcellino
Kaplan University
SC310-33 Science
May 2011

My Memorial Day Meals
Kroger brand white bread - US
Kroger brand Concord grape jelly – according to the Concord Grape Association, these grapes are raised in the northeast US.
Kroger brand peanut butter – from Georgia, US peanuts
Frito Lay mixed nuts – distributed by Frito Lay – Plano Texas
Dominos pizza with olives and sausage – US . My lunch was purchased at Kroger and all items were Kroger brand (white bread, peanut butter and Concord grape jelly). All of the packages were listed that they came from the Kroger distribution center in Cincinnati, OH and the mixed nuts were distributed by Frito-Lay in Plano,TX. The ingredients for my meals were probably grown on large corporate farms, or as part of a co-op of smaller farms. The produce was then taken to a factory where they were processed into the final product and packaged. The products were then shipped to Cincinnati where they were then sent to my local Kroger grocery store. If everything was delivered to the store in a separate truck that is 3156 miles for the Kroger items each, and 258 miles for my nuts . My pizza was delivered from my local Domino’s pizza. I do not know where these ingredients came from expect on their TV commercials they say local farms, but by local I believe them mean within the US According to economist Michael A Walker in a lecture delivered November 2010 at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín is Guatemala there are several benefits to global agricultural trade. Exchange creates wealth within a company. Everyone gains if we are able to exchange different products, instead of exchanging what is grown locally with other people who are able to grow the same produce. He goes on to say that when wealth is created a country has economic freedom. This freedom increases the standard of living of that country. The short term effect, when a country starts to grow agriculturally is as farmers start to perfect and improve on the product and techniques, jobs can be lost. But it is in this change that new growth and services are made available. A global market also has some negative effects. Global trade can benefit other industries such as transportation and the factories that make trucks, train and ships. These same industries harm the environment. A typical Semi-truck gets around 5.5 miles per gallon (Baumgartner Law Firm, January 2011). If we consider my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, if all of the items were delivered on a separate truck, 573.8 gallons of gas were used to deliver the ingredients to my local store. Small farms also have a difficult time maintaining business against large corporate farms and foreign farms where it costs much less to produce their crops because of the price of equipment and wages ( n.d.). When I consider the phrase “Think Globally, Act Locally”, it makes me think of my place in the world and the impact my actions have on those that live in other countries – those I will never meet. J K Rowling gave the commencement address at Harvard University in 2008. At the end of her speech she stated that as citizens of the most powerful country in the world we had a responsibility. We needed to think of our actions, those we vote for and how what they do effects those in other countries, specifically she was referring to the people she had worked to save with Amnesty International. Before watching the video of her speech I had never thought about how my vote affected anyone that was not a US citizen (rowling, June 2008). My 15 year old daughter has always been better at thinking globally and acting locally that I am. For a year she refused to wear or buy anything made in China, as she disagreed with the publish working conditions of Chinese workers. Now that her sense of fashion has surpassed her indignation, she still keeps other humans in mind when making choices. She prefers to wear Tom’s shoes, because for every pair sole they provide a pair of shoes to a child in need ( I may not always make globally conscious decisions, but because of her example to me, when given a choice, I will make a purchase that benefits someone else too. My research into the global market has opened my eyes to how my choices can impact others. However, from what I have seen when we try to by locally or purchase brands with a conscience, the items are more expensive, and my budget doesn’t allow for buying with the big picture in mind. Though I will do what I can, I can’t see where I will give up peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, unless my local farmer’s market comes down on its prices. I do try to shop at locally owned stores and franchises that benefit small business owners. However, I think it is really sad that to try to make a globally conscious purchase, it has to hurt one’s wallet. I saw an ad for Lay’s potato chips the other day. In the in the add they were interviewing a potato farmer in Northern Maine. I was born in Maine’s potato country, was raised there until I was 10. I picked potatoes and I played in potato fields. As I return there as an adult I am saddened by the poverty in the area. If I can help the economy of my hometown by buying Lay’s potato chip, you bet I am going to do it!
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