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Globalization is defined by Merriam-Webster (Merriam-Webster, 2013) as the

development of an increasingly unified global economy marked by free trade, free flow of

capital, and the tapping of cheaper labor markets. Several cultures have recently been impacted

by the Western world and have become globalized. The countries of Botswana and Mauritius are

examples of recent globalization of native non-western cultures. Both countries had marked

changes socially and economically post globalization.

Impact of Globalization

Botswana and Mauritius are two countries that recently experienced independence from

Great Britain followed by globalization. Botswana was a colony of Great Britain until 1966.

Under Great Britain’s rule poverty was extreme and Botswana lacked infrastructure. The country

was tribal and its main economic force consisted of trading and bartering cattle. Independence

was achieved in 1966 and the following year the government partnered with the international

diamond company DeBeers and created a business relationship that would leave Botswana with

the fastest growing economy in the world (Kilgour, 2000). Even though the mining of diamonds

is the mainstay in Botswana, tourism is an economic contributor. The Kalahari Desert draws a

high amount of tourism interest due to the diversity of species in the Okavango Delta and has

become a top safari destination. Botswana’s economic success has allowed for improvement in

its infrastructure and educational opportunities not previously available within the country

(Mbaiwa, 2003). The government lacks corruption and is revered as the safest country in Africa.

Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa near

Madagascar. It also was a previous colony of Great Britain and gained independence in...

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